“Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls. They give us hope.” – Toni Robinson

“Gia’s patience and kindness with us as first-time horse buyers went way above and beyond.”

We feel so fortunate to have worked with Gia and gotten to witness her extraordinary talent as a trainer. Gia takes the time to get to know her horses on a very deep level. As a result, the horses in her care are these wonderfully grounded, sweet creatures. She got to know our (future) horse Inca’s behavior and her quirks and could make recommendations about the style of training that would best suit her. This approach ultimately sets everyone up for success.

Additionally, Gia has been an amazing trainer for our daughter Sabine. Her patience, focus, and commitment to the rider and horse is evident in every lesson. As teachers, my husband and I really appreciate how she ensures understanding in her students by explaining things in different and thoughtful ways. Gia has become one of Sabine’s most admired people and such an amazing role model!

Gia’s patience and kindness with us as first-time horse buyers went way above and beyond…we would absolutely use Gia’s expertise again! Thank you Gia and Easy J!

Allison D.

Easy J Horse Purchaser

“I would buy another horse from Gia in a heartbeat!”

The best horse buying transaction I’ve had! Gia was very honest, quick to communicate and very accommodating. The mare I bought is sane, sound and everything I could have wanted. As an adult amateur who keeps their horses at home, a good brain is a must for me. At only 4 this mare is the quietest young horse I’ve ever owned. She hadn’t been rode a lot outside, but that hasn’t made a difference in how she’s handled things. Her first trail ride I rode her on the buckle the entire time. I don’t know many 4 year old Thoroughbreds that will never change pace to or away from the barn, while trailing behind other horses. It’s evident that Gia has given this mare a solid restart, and should I ever buy again, Easy J Sporthorses will be the first place I shop. I look forward to riding with my own trainer and continuing this special mares jumping career.

Kortney B.

Easy J Horse Purchaser

“Our family purchased Laura, now Allora, from Gia and I couldn’t speak more highly of her and her horses.”

I want to highly recommend Easy J. Our family purchased Laura, now Allora, from Gia and I couldn’t speak more highly of her and her horses. I’ve been riding for over 30 years and knew exactly what I wanted in our next horse. Gia was upfront and honest about the assessment of Allora. When she said she was perfect, she was so on point. Our horse transporter even said she was one of the easiest horses he’s had in awhile. Her ground manners are impeccable for her age and she’s amazing with our kids. You can tell she’s had a lovely life with Gia and she just shines with confidence. Highly recommend!!!

Michelle M.

Easy J Horse Purchaser

“I would buy another horse from Gia in a heartbeat!”

Thank you so much for putting my wonderful gelding River (aka Timing) and me together. In the five weeks that I have had him we have done so much together. He has been learning basic dressage, had his first trail ride alone on his fifth ride, trailered to the Air Force Academy with friends for his first away trail ride and even went Fox Hunting yesterday! He is an amazing three year old with a great mind and fantastic temperament and he owes it all to his relaxing let down from the track in your care and his gentle and skillful restart by you. You were great to deal with during the PPE and purchase and I would buy another horse from you in a heartbeat!

Colleen B.

Easy J Horse Purchaser

“I can’t say how happy I am to have found Gia and this horse.”

After searching for a young horse for over a year that I could bring along myself to do lower level eventing, I saw Wall Street online. Buying a horse located on the opposite side of the country that I had never seen in person, let alone sit on, was a little bit out of my comfort zone, but after talking to Gia about Wally, I thought he could my perfect partner. He has wonderful movement, an extremely soft mouth and a great work ethic. Gia obviously gave him a correct and very professional start. He is brave and interested in everything we do. I can’t say how happy I am to have found Gia and this horse. My only regret is that we live in Pennsylvania and can’t continue training with her!

Katie S.

Easy J Horse Purchaser

“I would buy a horse from Gia again and recommend her to anyone.”

We bought Max, a 4 yr old thoroughbred  from Gia in January 2020. Her training of bringing Max along was phenomenal as he has been very well prepared to set him him up for jumping for my 15 year old daughter. The process of buying him was outstanding as she was patient with my daughter and we could tell that she truly wanted the best for her horses. I can’t say enough about him as we have him home he has been amazing. The groundwork Gia taught Max has truly benefited my daughter. I would buy a horse from Gia again and recommend her to anyone.

Emily S.

Easy J Horse Purchaser

“Gia is a fantastic trainer, rider, and human being.”

I don’t know where to start? Gia is a fantastic trainer, rider, and human being. I’ve known her, and her training, for over 10 yrs and the horses she creates are always easy and pleasant to ride and work with. Her students compete and win. I have a horse with her right now and I live two states away. I wouldn’t trust ANYONE else with my baby boy.. she’s just amazing!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Amy S.

Easy J Client

“Gia is the most positive and constructive instructor!”

My daughters have both ridden under Gia’s instruction. My oldest for 7 years and my youngest for 3 years. Gia is the most positive and constructive instructor! She encourages independence and self confidence that all young girls need. My girls love her ability to draw the best from them through hard work and fun. Gia is as good with a novice rider as she is with an advanced one. Each feels that they are just as important to her. Gia always ends lessons on a positive note. This works as building blocks from f=one lesson to the next, leaving my girls wanting to always learn more and to spend time with Gia! Thank you for your special gift Gia and for sharing it with us!

The Coffeys

Easy J Client

“She not only teaches you to ride but to respect animals and others, as well as yourself!”

I rode for Gia for about 4-5 years and when I first started I was shy and quiet. I struggled with being bullied but I had a passion for horses and the moment I stepped into Easy J Stables I felt at home. Gia is an awesome instructor and understands each individual rider and develops lessons and goals that challenge you but also push you to grow and challenge yourself to be the best you can be! She not only teaches you to ride but to respect animals and others, as well as yourself! I credit my time and experience here for helping mold me into the woman I am today! I 110% recommend Easy J and Gia to riders of all level!

Becca W.

Easy J Client

“Gia is truly an exemplary teacher.”

Our 10 year old daughter has been on and off horses for 5 or 6 years. She has had numerous riding lessons at a couple of local stables and has attended riding camps the last two summers. I can honestly say none of our experiences have compared with what we have found with Gia and Easy J Sport Horses Within 20 minutes of our first lesson I knew this place was different. I could quickly tell our daughter was not only being taught not to ride, but also learn true horsemanship. Gia Attention to detail and talk-show-go approach to teach ensures that our daughter gets the repetitions that enable effective learning. Gia is truly an exemplary teacher. Working with Gia, our daughter has learned that a lot of hard work and responsibility come with being an equestrian. I would highly recommend Gia and Easy J Sport Horses to anyone that is looking to improve their riding skills and/or equestrian knowledge.

Joe S.

Easy J Client

“There is no greater pleasure in the world than riding a good horse.”



“My daughter and I have ridden with Gia for 12 years. She is a gifted teacher as well as an amazing trainer and rider. Her lessons are always challenging and fresh. We have done well and had a lot of fun riding at shows and at home! Very family friendly.”

– Linda B. DVM

“Gia is fantastic! I love that she is able to take what I know, expand upon it and make me the best rider I can be!”

– Stephanie D.

“Gia is an amazing instructor! Very knowledgeable both with horse and rider! She made me and my very green horse into world champions and taught us values in life that go far beyond the arena!”

– Casey H.

“My daughter has been taking riding lessons with Gia for several months and she absolutely loves it! She started with zero experience and Gia was very patient with her as she gained confidence in her riding ability. She has learned so much about riding, tack and grooming and she really looks forward to her lessons. I would definitely recommend Gia and Easy J!”

– Juli S.

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