“Its’ really amazing what a horse will do for you if he understands what you want. And it’s also quite amazing what he’ll do to you if he doesn’t.” – Bill Dorrance

We offer a variety of training services to fit every owner’s needs; from starting your young horse, finishing or tuning up your show horse, working with problem horses, individual tune up rides and show rides.

All young horses receive a solid and correct foundation.  We allow the horse to advance through training on his time line so they become confident mounts and trust their rider. New training concepts are taught in a quiet and confident manner allowing the horse to understand what he is supposed to do without rushing him and causing him to become nervous.  Depending on the owner’s skill level, the owner’s confidence with a green horse and the horses learning time line we typically recommend 60-90 days of training to get a horse started. It is recommended, during the last month of training the owner does a training/lesson package. Young horses can be started English or Western.

Finishing your horse for the show arena is available for Hunters, Jumpers or Dressage horses. Depending on the owner’s goals when the horse is ready we will take the horse out to schooling and/or rated shows. As the horse gains confidence and skills in the show arena we will move them up the divisions/levels.  The time for finishing a show horse varies greatly, depending on how much training the horse has had before he comes to us and how many shows or up to what level the owner would like the horse shown through. If a horse needs a show ring tune up, we recommend, as we are showing the horse, that the owner take lessons on their horse and also show in a few classes. This allows us to better teach the horse what he should be doing while also teaching the rider the best way to show the horse.

Horses occasionally develop habits that are not appropriate or habits their owners wish to change. For these horses, we need to do an individual training ride first to asses the horse and determine the appropriate course of training for him. We will accept the horse into training as long during the training ride it is not determined the horse is dangerous. Training time needed to teach the horse will vary depending on what the training issues are and how he responds to training. It is recommended, for the last month, the owner does a training/lesson package.

Individual tune up rides are available for horses that need an occasional ride to refresh them on what they are suppose to be doing. This is a great option for experienced riders who need a little help on something in particular, junior riders who’s horses might have gotten a little confused, for riders on green horses to help their horses stay on the right track and for show riders before/during a show.

Show rides are offered during shows as a way for clients to be able to see their horse preform, tune up a rider’s horse in the show arena or to allow the horse to compete in a class the owner doesn’t feel comfortable competing in.

Training Options – Limited Availability

Half Training

$Call for Pricing
  • 2 contacts per week and Full Board
  • No Riding Lessons Included
  • * limited number of spaces available *

Full Training

$Call for Pricing
  • 5 contacts per week and Full Board
  • No Riding Lessons Included
  • * limited number of spaces available*

Additional Services Pricing

Individual tune up rides

Show Prep

Show rides

Hauling for Shows

“ Some horses test you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the best in you. ”

Achieve Your Riding Goals

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