“Once the horse gets to responding, then you try to get the response you are asking for with less. You try to cut down what you are applying and get more response with less pressure, until it almost gets to be just a thought.” – Tom Dorrance

Lessons, at Easy J, are designed to be both fun and educational. Safety is a top priority here at Easy J, so we do require all students to wear boots with smooth tread and a heel (hiking boots and any other boot with significant tread are not acceptable). Helmets are available for riders to borrow for lessons, we do, however, encourage riders to purchase their own helmet to ensure proper fit.

All lessons are designed around the skill level of the rider and are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. During lessons riders are challenged, in a safe and fun way, as they progress through the levels to become the best rider and horseman they can be. At Easy J, the main riding disciplines we focus on are hunters, jumpers, classical and western dressage. Advanced riders will have an opportunity to participate in hunter/jumper or dressage shows if they choose to.

Along with riding, beginner riders will learn basic horsemanship skills including haltering, grooming saddling and general horse care. We want every beginner student to get comfortable and feel confident in their ability to catch their own horse, groom, saddle and ride their horse. Beginner students will also learn basic horse care, including feeding, horse health, wound care, horse anatomy, parts of their tack and how to take care of their tack. As beginner riders progress in their riding and horsemanship skills they will have the opportunity to interact with their Easy J school horse independently before and after their lesson while getting their horse groomed, saddled, cooled down and untacked.

Intermediate riders will continue expanding on their horsemanship and riding skills during their lessons. At this level intermediate riders will have the option to learn more specifically about hunters, jumpers, equitation or dressage. When we feel intermediate riders possess the required horsemanship and riding skills they will have the opportunity to participate unsupervised practice rides. Practice rides allow riders extra time to practice their skills and to gain confidence riding independently.

Advanced riders will have the opportunity to fine tune their riding and horsemanship skills in their chosen disciple(s) during their lessons. Both partial and full leases are available for advanced students. Leasing is a great way to experience owning a horse without committing to the purchase of a horse. Although not required, students at this level will have the opportunity to show at schooling and/or rated shows in their chosen discipline(s) of hunter, jumper, equitation or dressage. Showing is a great way to have fun with your horse, meet other riders and challenge yourself at every event to become a more skilled rider then you were at the previous event.

Cancellation Policy –
Easy J requires a 24-hour notice if a student needs to cancel a lesson. Not giving a 24-hour notice or not showing up for a scheduled lesson will result in the student being charged the full lesson fee prior to scheduling the next lesson. We have a great covered arena available to use during wet/cold days, if, however, a lesson needs to be cancelled due to the weather the instructor will contact the student.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for kids age 5-6+ and adults. Private lessons are one on one private instruction between Gia and the student and are available on your own horse or on an Easy J school horse.

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Group Lessons

Group lessons are available for youth and adults who are comfortable trotting by themselves. Group lessons are made up of 2-4 students and are available on your horse or a leased horse. School horses are generally not used for group lessons.

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Tiny Tot and Junior Lessons

Tiny Tot lessons are available for children 3-5 and junior lessons are available for children 4-6. Lessons are designed to introduce children to riding and horse care, while building their confidence in a fun and safe manner.

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Achieve Your Riding Goals

Flexible lesson packages to suit all levels of riders to help you achieve your goals